Supervising graduate student research is one of the great pleasures and privileges of academic life. I’ve facilitated the work of over thirty graduate students in the fields of early modern British history and public history either as supervisor or co-supervisor. Topics have included Christopher Marlowe’s representation of Catholics, Catholic women in Elizabethan England, and a variety of representations of the past in museums, films, monuments, theatre, re-enactments at sites ranging from the Robin Hood festival in Nottingham and the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam, to Remembrance Day services in Ottawa, soundscapes in Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park and living history performers in Fortress Louisbourg. You’ll find a comprehensive list on these pages, with links to their theses or major research essays where available.

Emily Keyes Riel Reading - Apri 24, 2013

Emily Keyes Riel Reading – Apri 24, 2013

Current Graduate Students

Ruthanne Edward: Performing History at Billings Bridge Estate Museum [co-supervisor]

Emily Keyes: A Murder Mystery in the Ottawa Valley

Sara McGillivray: Heritage and Tourism: A Study of Downton Abbey

Laurel Rowe: Early Modern Witchcraft: A Graphic Novel

Recent Graduate Students (since 2010)

Early Modern Britain

Nirpjit Bassi: Constructing Catholicism: Christopher Marlowe and the English Catholic Community (2011)

Andrea Marsh: Anne Boleyn in The Tudors: An Investigation of History in Film (2012)

Public History: Museums – Histories. Objects, Representations

Angela Beking: ‘“Our” History, “Our” Village: Place, Memory and the Upper Canada Village Controversy of 2009 (2012)

Lorna Chisholm: A Critical Examination of the Anne Frank House Museum (2008)

Sanna Guerin: “Doing Her Bit”: Representing Women in the Great War Gallery at the Imperial War Museum (2013) [co-supervisor]

Victoria Miller: Representing Trauma: Exhibiting the Experience of Aboriginal Residential Schools (2011) [co-supervisor]

Christina Williamson: Objectified: The Story of an Inuinnait Parka from the Canadian Museum of Civilization (2012) [co-supervisor]

Public History: Performances of the Past in Film and Theatre

Paula Chinkiwsky: Re-Storying Canada’a Indigenous History Through Digital Storytelling

Sara dos Santos: “In a Way, our Battle is Won:” Anti-Colonial Narrative, Aboriginal Documentary Film and the ‘Oka Crisis’’ (2012) [co-supervisor]

Elizabeth Paradis: PAST, PARTICIPANT, PERFORMANCE: Negotiating Histories in Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West, 2001 (2011) [co-supervisor]

Christina Stokes: Performing History Offstage: The Benefits of using Theatre to Present History at the Canadian War Museum (2014)

Public Memory: Monuments, Memorials, Festivals and Historic Sites

Amy Macdonald: “Time Crossing Liaisons” Interpreter/Character Relationships at the Fortress of Louisbourg National History Site”

Joanne deCosse: Visual Narratives of Métis History in the Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park Heritage Wall [co-supervisor]

Stephanie Browness: Site, Space and Memory: the Construction of Meaning in Commemorative Public Space (2010) [co-supervisor]

Angela Duffett: Memory, Myth, and Memorials: Changing Perceptions of the Memorials at Beaumont Hamel and Vimy Ridge (2010) [co-supervisor]

Anna Kuntz: Soundscapes for Visitors: Sensory Experiences at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park (2014) [co-supervisor]

Emily Macdonald: The National Aboriginal Veterans Monument: An Historical Analysis (2012) [co-supervisor]

Candice McAvitt: Food for Thought: Performance, Edible Actors, and Network-Building in Living History Interpretation (2011)

Natascha Morrison: Canada’s National War Memorial Past and Present: A Study of Remembrance Day and the National War Memorial, 1939-2009 (2010) [co-supervisor]

First World War

Christopher Schultz: Violence (dis)located: on the spatial implications of violence on the western front during the First World War (2010) [co-supervisor]

Past Graduate Students (before 2010)

Elizabeth Ferguson: The Role of Women in the Survival of Catholicism in post=-reformation Lancashire and Yorkshire, 1559-1603 (2006)

Mandy Koroniak: Image and Identity: Depictions of Women and Youth in the National Film Board of Canada and the GDR (2007) [co-supervisor]

Emily Lonie: The Spirit of Robin Hood Lives Forever in Sherwood Forest and in the Hearts of Those Who Seek Him’: Community Identity at the Robin Hood Festival (2008)

Erika Reinhardt: Marching Through Time: An Examination of Military Reenactors of the War of 1812 in Canada and the United States (2007) [co-supervisor]

Pascale Salah: Enduring Controversy: Representing Bomber Command at the Canadian War Museum (2007) [co-supervisor]

Emily Solderra: “‘One Spirit, Two Realms': Sacred Spaces Versus Secular Environments” (2006) [co-supervisor]

Laura Weir: The Making of a Multicultural Imaginary: The Ukrainian Canadian community’s role in redefining the nation during the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism (2009) [co-supervisor]

Jennie Wilhelm: Picturing the Nation in City of Gold: Photographs, History and Narrative in Postwar Canadian Documentary (2008) [co-supervisor]

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