Being an academic allows you space and occasionally the time to collaborate with others. I have been privileged to work with museum and theatre professionals and amateurs over the past few years in a number of collaborative projects.

English Theatre, National Arts Centre

In 2006 my life changed when I joined The Ark, an annual interdisciplinary collaboration focusing on specific theatres, beginning with that of Elizabethan and Jacobean England, initiated by National Art Centre’s English Theatre artistic director Peter Hinton. The energies in the room inspired a rethinking of my work as a public historian, and as an early modernist, and led to my becoming Company Historian to the English Theatre Company between 2008 and 2012, from productions of Macbeth (2009) to King Lear (2012).


National Arts Centre: Hinterview with Peter Hinton, Artistic Director of English Theatre on the NAC production of A Christmas Carol

Carleton University: on my role as Company Historian

Ottawa Citizen’s Patrick Langston on my role in Romeo and Juliet

Worker’s History Museum

Through collaborating with Ken Clavette, Bob Hatfield, and Sanna Guerin of the Ottawa based Worker’s History Museum on projects for my courses on public history I became a member and then patron of the Museum. I have helped on a number of projects and the WHM has run workshops for the Carleton Centre for Public History.


Worker’s History Museum

“Challenges facing Worker’s Histories in Our National Museums”, keynote, Worker’s History Museum Annual General Meeting, February 2013 [link to ppt presentation, video]

Artifacts Workshop [link to video]

Other Projects

The Douglas Cardinal Project

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